Ricepaper The Label

Ricepaper is an ethically Melbourne made independent label. 

After consultation with Willow, Ricepaper will no longer be using wool in their future collections.

Eve, the founder of Ricepaper, in an interiew for Wool Truth said:

'I think every aspect of the wool industry has shocked me, from the environmental impact, the processes involved in shearing, wool scouring, breeding... The thing that has shocked me the most is how the animals are being treated, all the processes involved are confronting, inhumane and brutal.

Sheep are gentle creatures, they are highly intelligent animals – because of us they go to the shearing floor distressed, tortured and harmed. Some are neglected, starved to death in drought, they’re slaughtered, some left battered and bloodied. 

I plan to use more fibres that are versatile and friendly to both our skin and  our planet – Tencels, Organic Cottons, Linens and Bamboo etc. This is a step further into making our label more transparent and sustainable and I am really looking forward to the results.'