What does Willow do?



Content production

Willow produces photographic and video content for all sorts of things – campaigns, look books, social media, all kinds of advertisement and uses.

Willow also does some graphic design work.

Willow only works with creatives who want to see a better world and who take steps to see that happen.

Willow only works for creators (brands, businesses and organisations) that want and do the same. No brand or business is perfect, but Willow wants to work with those who try.

Willow likes to match up the values of creatives and creators, so, for example, a vegan make up brand will work with a vegan team, and a brand that believes in the empowerment of women will work with an all woman team that reflects these values.

Willow connects clients with photographers, make up artists, stylists, graphic designers, artists and a small selection of models.

In doing this, Willow is also able to make it easier for brands, who only have to pay one invoice to Willow, rather than to each individual creative. Willow deals with the boring stuff and makes sure the team is looked after.





Ethics consultation

Willow works with brands and businesses to help them become more ethical.

Willow does this by learning lots about a brand. For example, for a fashion brand this would mean asking questions around their supply chain, how much they know about it, who makes their clothes, where their fibers and fabrics come from, how sustainable they are, if they’re vegan. It also means questions around packaging, and even things you use in your office.

From there, Willow can learn what needs improving, and can help to make that happen! This is done by sharing information, discussing alternatives, and connecting brands with those who can help and supply for transitions into new, kinder ways of working.






‘Do the best you can until you know better. When you know better, do better’

- Maya Angelou

No one can become kinder if they don’t know what they are doing is unkind.

Willow shares information about unkind practices, so that people can make informed, kinder decisions. For example, Willow has a whole online presentation on the wool industry and why it is both cruel and unsustainable.

Willow shares these for free, because access to information that can make the world better is important. However, a lot of work goes into making these educational tools, so any donations towards the time it took to create are greatly appreciated.

If you are a brand or business who learns from a presentation that you are supporting something you now know is wrong, and you’d like to make a change to reflect that, Willow can help you with that.