What is ethical?

So what does that mean?

Being ethical means working to do no harm. To people, to animals, to the earth we all reside on.

No one is perfect but everyone has a responsibility to work to be more ethical every day. To learn about what they support, and make decisions accordingly. To support those making the world a kinder place, not a crueler or less sustainable one.



Willow is vegan and steadfastly believes there is no humane way to kill someone. There is no humane way to exploit someone, or to treat someone as something. Animals are not ours to use, they live on earth with us. Animals are not our property. Willow sees these statements as objective truths of morality, a moral baseline.



Willow believes we all need to be working towards a more circular economy. Willow believes in natural, plant based materials, in closed loop production systems, in recycled materials and minimal to zero waste production. Willow believes in supporting those who minimize their impact on the earth, and who give back to it, too.



Just as Willow believes in the humane treatment of animals, of course Willow also demands the respect of people. Willow sees the value in everyone, regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or otherwise. Willow knows everyone deserves to live well, and that means treating them the way we would like to be treated, ensuring all their rights and needs are met, and paying people so they can live well and support themselves. Willow knows in order to truly support people, we need to listen to them, and not assume we know what is best.