It's All Fluff

It's All Fluff is a casual cosmetics company. They sell vegan, animal-testing free cosmetics, as well as t-shirts, stickers, recycled tote bags and other cool things. 

The brand used to sell wool beanies. After consultation with Willow, once their wool beanies run out, they won't be producing or selling anymore wool, ever again.

The brand also donated some of their wool beanies to Animal Liberation Victoria, so that rescue lambs could wear them as jumpers.


Erika, the founder of Fluff, in an interiew for Wool Truth said:

'A future without wool is easy for Fluff, now that we’ve made this decision – we will look for sustainable, plant based or synthetic alternatives for our merchandise items that still meet our customer’s, and our own, high standards.

Working with people like Emma from Willow Creative allows us to find the best creative and sustainable alternatives and spread this message so that other people and brands take notice and hopefully do the same.

I think people don’t connect lambs or sheep dying with the use of their wool – this information is not as readily available, or obvious to consumers/brands. I was one of these people.'