Après Studio

Après Studio is an independent Australian label working to produce ethical and sustainable garments.

After consultation with Willow prior to the launch of their new beanie collection, what would have been a wool and synthetic blend beanie was launched in biodegradable cotton. 

Hear what the brand founder said:

'I was about to mindlessly produce some wool blend accessories. Beanies to be exact. Not only is it a warm fibre, but wool is perceived as a luxurious fibre in the fashion world.

Emma [Willow founder] gently approached me and offered some super welcomed information she had on wool. At no point did I feel pressured to make change. It was instead a soft approach, kindly offering a factual and informative collective of information that I often find hard to collect when it is contradictory and scattered throughout a multitude of media exerts.  

It was an easy, time effective way of informing myself about the decisions to work with wool and the possible implications that this had on the environment and the animals involved.  

Not only did she cover detrimental environmental and animal effects working with wool has, but also facts about the humans and their wages and living conditions that shear the sheep.  

I appreciate Emma's diversity in research and taking out the hard work for me. I appreciate her prompting reflective practices and decisions made within my business and I help this reverberates through the industry.'