Wool Truth

The campaign image for Wool Truth was printed and posted all around Melbourne.

All other imagery was used on the Wool Truth website, on social media, and by the brands who have committed to going wool free.


Creative director:
Emma HÃ¥kansson
Jesper Hede
Emma HÃ¥kansson
Make up artist:
Laura Baldwin
Graphic designer:
Helen Koker

Wool Truth is a part of the Animal Liberation Victoria website.

The first ALV campaign focussing on animals exploited in the fashion industry, Willow works for ALV creating these with the team. 

Wool Truth shines a light on the wool industry, showing that not only is it full of cruel standard practices, but it is a slaughter industry, intrinsically linked to the meat industry.

Wool Truth also shares rescue stories and documentation from farms. 

The website and campaign also celebrates brands that have chosen to go wool free after consultation with Willow and shares sustainable and ethically made wool alternative products.