Leather Truth

The campaign image for Leather Truth was printed and posted all around Melbourne.

All other imagery was used on the Leather Truth website, on social media, by brands involved in the pledge program, and by news outlets.


Emma HÃ¥kansson
Naomi Ball
Noah Hannibal
DJ Tigerlily (Dara Hayes)
Make up artist:
Laura Baldwin
Graphic designer:
Helen Koker

Leather Truth is an Animal Liberation Victoria campaign.

The campaign and website resource, created by Willow's Emma Håkansson alongside ALV, brings attention to the inherent cruelty of slaughtering animals for fashion, and the myth of leather as a 'harmless, profitless by-product'.

Featuring vegan celebrity ambassador DJ Tigerlily, this campaign encouraged people to consider cows the way they do their beloved companion animals, as well as sharing information about the environmental and animal impacts of leather.

A wonderful selection of vegan brands took part in the Leather Truth pledge program, where anyone who pledges to go leather free is offered discounts on vegan leather products. Such brands included Ahimsa Collective, Gunas, Good Guys Don't Wear Leather, Bhava Studio, Corkor, and Hozen Collection.