Secret Sisterhood

Willow created imagery for Secret Sisterhood's social media, and wrote copy and blog pieces for Secret Sisterhood.

Creative director:
Emma Håkansson
Emma Håkansson
Emma Håkansson

Why Willow loves Secret Sisterhood?

Secret Sisterhood is a social enterprise that gives 100% of profits to women’s organisations to help create a better world for women. These include:

Entrust Foundation, which works to prevent and rescue women and girls from sexual slavery, and provides shelter and rehabilitation/therapy for these survivors.

Safe Steps, a 24 hour family response service and shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence

One Girl, that helps educate girls, by providing scholarships, improving school conditions and providing women’s health education

Kiva, a microfinance website that matches microloan funders with women micropreneurs

Secret Sisterhood has a team member, Sarita, who's main job is to manage Secret Sisterhood's supply chain and ensure it is ethical

Social media copy for Secret Sisterhood:

'The greatest gift femininity ever gave the world was love. The feminine energy within us all is an energy that allows us to be vulnerable, to open our hearts to others, to be soft and kind. For this reason, @secretsisterhood chose to combine the symbols of love, and femininity. In a world where gentleness is too often seen as weakness, we wanted to celebrate soft hearts - and how they in themselves are a great strength.'

'In a patriarchal world where women too often are seen as of lesser value and importance than men, deserving of less respect, we as women must stand together. With less opportunities for women than men, it is too easy to slip into a sense of competition with other women, in fear of missing out on one of the few positions of power available to us. But we must stand together, remember our sisterhood. By lifting each other up, we can reach up farther than ever before.'

'Why is the sisterhood a secret? In most ways, it is not. We stand boldly, unapologetically as feminists and members of the sisterhood. Yet at the same time, in many cultures, through many generations, there has been ‘women’s business’. Spaces for women and women only, for women to feel safe, to feel supported. We want to create safe spaces like this for women. The secret sisterhood is no where - intangible, an energy that flows through the feminine collective, but it can also be anywhere you like, and very real. Your bedroom, a book club, a ‘girl’s night’, an office space, a text chain with your girl gang. Come together with the women around you.'